About Us

Neojungian Academy is based on Neojungian Typology. What is that exactly?

Neojungian Typology is a branch of modern typology and reinterpretations of Carl Jung’s works to fit with modern research in psychology and neuroscience. It was launched early at neojungiantypology.com by Christian Johansson.

Neojungian Academy is a continuation of these important works.

A member of Neojungian Academy classifies people into personality types based on what behaviour puts a person into a state of flow, identifying healthy habits to reduce stress, increase your energy, promote mood stability and identifying what you find meaningful.

A member of Neojungian Academy relies on our theory of eight flow states and eight core intelligences to learn:

  • How to enter a flow
  • How to avoid stress and depression
  • How to grow
  • What their two core intelligences are
  • What their two weakest intelligences are